Ultrasonic Skin Firming Treatment

With so many options for caring for the skin on your face, its very difficult to choose the one treatment that will deliver the results you are looking for.

A short while ago, I had the opportunity to attend an aesthetic workshop that promoted several different options of skin firming treatments and I was most impressed with the results of the Ultrasonic Procedure.

I’ll try to explain it so you can visualize what happens to your skin during the process.

Firstly your skin is prepared to receive the Extremely Concentrated Hydrolized Collagen Skin Support.  This means cleaning and removing the dead skin layer so we are only treating new skin.

Two different probes are used during the treatment, one has a very small tip for concentrating on the eye area and upper lip. The other probe is larger and round and works all other areas including the neck.

The probes deliver an ultrasonic pulse plus a warm heat that provides two functions.

One:       the pulse stimulates the deep cells and awakens your existing collagen.

Two:       the heat opens up your pores and allows the hydrolized collagen to penetrate into the deeper skin cells and attach itself to your existing

awakened collagen.  The heat is also very soothing to your frayed nerves.

The Collagen molecule is generally so large that it cannot be absorbed by the skin, but Hydrolized Collagen is so concentrated and so minute that it’s absorption is easily obtained.

Collagen is what provides the elasticity and firmness to your skin.  As we age, collagen breaks down and skin becomes saggy or droopy and when new collagen is added to your existing network, the skin not only looks firmer, but you feel the new firmness.

I’ve been providing this treatment now for just about a month and everyone who has had it, is amazed by the difference their contours look.

Small lines seem to literally disappear and those deeper nasty wrinkles that we’ve worked so hard to get, appear to be softened and their depth in some cases are reduced almost 50%.

The treatments work best if you do a series of 5 or more to bring your collagen levels back to where you have a fighting chance of keeping your skin at it’s optimum appearance.

I look forward to hearing from you and making you Beautiful again !










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