Love Your Toner

Over and I over I hear the same thing from men and women when I ask the question…Are you using a toner?  Answer:  No I don’t use a toner.  I used to but it dried out my skin so I stopped.

Toners without Alcohol are designed to bring your skin back to it’s proper PH balance.  Period.

Using all of your expensive creams, whether it be firming, hydrating or controlling oil secretions will not deliver the results you are looking for without the use of a toner.  The active ingredients in any cream will simply be rendered useless in approximately 15 to 20 minutes after application if the skin is not at a proper PH balance to accept it.

There are dozens of toners on the market and some of the more desirable ones available through professional lines.  Make sure when purchasing a Toner that you don’t buy an Astringent.  Astringents have alcohol and are generally only beneficial for problem skin.  Even then, they can have an adverse effect if the alcohol content is too high.  This is one of those times I have mentioned before when I say it is important to treat the condition of the skin and not necessarily the skin type.

Talk to your skin care professional about which toner you should be using.  You will begin to feel that your skin feels more supple and your creams will do the job that you want them to do.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough to use a toner.  It will be become your best friend when it comes to your skin care.

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