Beautiful Image Non-Surgical Face Lift

For the past seven years, I have been performing these treatments for many of my clients that choose not to go under the knife.

This is a treatment using micro-currents that work on your facial muscles.  The treatment is based on a minimum of 5 sessions so that your muscles will utilize their memory capacity and stay where they have been put.  As like any other muscle in your body, if you use it 5 times it will have a memory, so the best way for me to explain it,  is to say that it is like me taking you face to the gym.

The treatments are cumulative so the more you do the better your muscle tone will become.  Not only is it relaxing because you don’t generally feel the current, but there is no downtime, no redness, no pain and no needing to stay out of the sun for weeks on end.  You are free to apply foundation or any type of makeup you prefer immediately following the procedure.  Your friends and family will not know you have had anything done but they will notice that you do look very refreshed and may ask questions like… have you lost weight? or in some cases come right out and ask if you have had work done because you look so good.

Generally anyone over the age of 50 will require at least 10 treatment sessions to see the difference.  Once the results have been achieved, then a monthly maintenance program is recommended to keep the firmer contours in place.

Testimonials and detailed information may be obtained by visiting  Even Plastic Surgeons prefer this non invasive approach to a more youthful appearance.

If after you have done your own research and you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask the specific questions that relate to your own situation.  I’m here to help you every step of the way.

This treatment is not suitable for anyone with metal implants whether it be for heart problems or otherwise, or for those who have had Botox injections or fillers.  Botox freezes the muscle and the Beautiful Image treatment  moves the muscle so it is completely the opposite to Botox.  In the case of filler injections, the treatment is not recommended because it can cause the filler to move to other locations under the skin and perhaps undo what has already been a pricy procedure.  For most women in their late 30′s or 40′s the sessions will not show much of a difference but be more of a preventative treatment than a structural change. This is primarily the case because muscle tone is still relatively intact and not showing signs of fatique.  For this age category, the biggest difference is noted in the eye area.  Brows are lifted and the eyelid is tightened.

Ultrasonic Skin Firming Treatment

With so many options for caring for the skin on your face, its very difficult to choose the one treatment that will deliver the results you are looking for.

A short while ago, I had the opportunity to attend an aesthetic workshop that promoted several different options of skin firming treatments and I was most impressed with the results of the Ultrasonic Procedure.

I’ll try to explain it so you can visualize what happens to your skin during the process.

Firstly your skin is prepared to receive the Extremely Concentrated Hydrolized Collagen Skin Support.  This means cleaning and removing the dead skin layer so we are only treating new skin.

Two different probes are used during the treatment, one has a very small tip for concentrating on the eye area and upper lip. The other probe is larger and round and works all other areas including the neck.

The probes deliver an ultrasonic pulse plus a warm heat that provides two functions.

One:       the pulse stimulates the deep cells and awakens your existing collagen.

Two:       the heat opens up your pores and allows the hydrolized collagen to penetrate into the deeper skin cells and attach itself to your existing

awakened collagen.  The heat is also very soothing to your frayed nerves.

The Collagen molecule is generally so large that it cannot be absorbed by the skin, but Hydrolized Collagen is so concentrated and so minute that it’s absorption is easily obtained.

Collagen is what provides the elasticity and firmness to your skin.  As we age, collagen breaks down and skin becomes saggy or droopy and when new collagen is added to your existing network, the skin not only looks firmer, but you feel the new firmness.

I’ve been providing this treatment now for just about a month and everyone who has had it, is amazed by the difference their contours look.

Small lines seem to literally disappear and those deeper nasty wrinkles that we’ve worked so hard to get, appear to be softened and their depth in some cases are reduced almost 50%.

The treatments work best if you do a series of 5 or more to bring your collagen levels back to where you have a fighting chance of keeping your skin at it’s optimum appearance.

I look forward to hearing from you and making you Beautiful again !










Love Your Toner

Over and I over I hear the same thing from men and women when I ask the question…Are you using a toner?  Answer:  No I don’t use a toner.  I used to but it dried out my skin so I stopped.

Toners without Alcohol are designed to bring your skin back to it’s proper PH balance.  Period.

Using all of your expensive creams, whether it be firming, hydrating or controlling oil secretions will not deliver the results you are looking for without the use of a toner.  The active ingredients in any cream will simply be rendered useless in approximately 15 to 20 minutes after application if the skin is not at a proper PH balance to accept it.

There are dozens of toners on the market and some of the more desirable ones available through professional lines.  Make sure when purchasing a Toner that you don’t buy an Astringent.  Astringents have alcohol and are generally only beneficial for problem skin.  Even then, they can have an adverse effect if the alcohol content is too high.  This is one of those times I have mentioned before when I say it is important to treat the condition of the skin and not necessarily the skin type.

Talk to your skin care professional about which toner you should be using.  You will begin to feel that your skin feels more supple and your creams will do the job that you want them to do.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough to use a toner.  It will be become your best friend when it comes to your skin care.