Sunscreen: Your Ultimate Friend

For all skin types, and for all ages, sunscreen is imperative to both preserve and repair any damage done by the sun.  For younger skin, the use of sunscreen will prevent your skin from developing brown spots as you age.  For mature skin with brown spots, the use of sunscreen will help to prevent the spots from darkening. When using a sunscreen for your face, nothing higher than a 30 SPF should be used as the chemicals in the higher screens/blocks can also be damaging to your skin.

If you do already have some of those nasty brown spots don’t despair! Clarifying treatments are available to eliminate the brown spots and give you back a more youthful glow.

A Tip When Changing Your Foundation / Skin Care Line

When changing your skin care line or changing the foundations you use, a good idea is to have a detoxifying facial to prepare your skin for the new products.  Each product line is prepared differently and sometimes they will not be compatible and the result you are hoping for, will not be achieved.  Exel Anti-Pollution facials will prepare your skin most beautifully and effectively. Book with me now to experience the difference!

Did you know…

Did you know that Mineral Oil or Petroleum products or by-products will block the absorption of active ingredients in your facial creams? Always check the ingredients to make sure that they are not included.  These oils simply allow the product to spread easily but add no benefit to their purpose.